Our Students and Faculty on a Trip to the Heart of Nature

After long months of lockdown, our students, faculty and leadership, went out on a trip together to enjoy the creation of God. They went to Al-Makhrour valley in Beit Jala, the same valley where David and Goliath’s battle took place. (Check out this video of the location).

The trip focused on breaking barriers between faculty and students, to get to know each other more, hike in Palestine’s beautiful nature, and appreciate God’s unique creation.

The students got to know more about the nature of Palestine and the civilizations that came through and lived in the land. They learned about the landscape, farming in Palestine, and the important battle mentioned in the Bible between David and Goliath.

It was a great time of worship and fellowship that the students and faculty needed especially during these difficult times. The students also enjoyed a delicious barbeque that was served to them by the faculty members. They expressed their gratitude for the College for such opportunities that gives them the chance to pray together, enjoy life and get closer to God through His creation.