Bethlehem Bible College holds a Strategic Planning Workshop

In cooperation with GRIP Consulting, Bethlehem Bible College held a workshop for the review, evaluation, and strategic planning of the College for the next five years.

The workshop was attended by the chair and members of the board of trustees, the College’s senior leadership team, and representatives of the staff and faculty.

The workshop lasted for two days, during which the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the College were discussed, in addition to analyzing the political, social, economic and technological context and the extent of its impact on the College and its workflow. The main stations of the College’s work were also discussed, including what should be developed, dropped, or modified in terms of the work, activities, and programs of the College.

It is worth noting that the strategic planning process is continuing to come out with a solid work plan that will ensure the successful continuity of the College’s work for the coming years.