Discover Jerusalem: Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Discover Jerusalem: Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Discover Jerusalem: Walking in the Steps of Jesus

For the second year during Easter time, the city of Jerusalem was empty of its tourists – no pilgrims here to walk the path of Jesus or visit the places where He took His last breath according to the tradition. Yet again, we at Bethlehem Bible College tried to bring the Holy Land to every house worldwide.

The second course of our Discover the Holy Land Series is Discover Jerusalem. What makes this course special is that we offered it during Easter, so we gave our international friends the opportunity to live and experience Holy Week and the Resurrection from their homes!

Mr. Haytham Dieck, the Tour Guide Program Coordinator and the course teacher, says: “Jerusalem is a significant city, the cradle of Christianity. This course speaks about it in historical, archaeological, and traditional analyses, starting from the Mount of Olives and proceeding down the Via Dolorosa. It is an exciting itinerary full of passion, love, history, and archaeology.” He added: “We have 29 students from different countries around the world who are excited to learn more about Jerusalem. I did not expect this big number and this much interaction from them. I’m thrilled with the outcome of this course. I feel that it is changing and strengthening the faith of the students, and I’m looking forward to the classes ahead.”

The participants are pleased with the course. Some of them have visited the city before, still saying that the information’s depth gives many new insights. Some who plan to visit in the coming months said: “I’ll be visiting the Holy Land in November. This course is a great introduction, so I’m more ready to understand the layers of history in everything I’m seeing and doing.”

Some students wish to visit the city and experience it: “The information has provided so much depth to help understand the culture and history around the sites. Haytham has given us so much extra to consider that makes the course very thought-provoking. I am enjoying the course a great deal. It would be great to spend a month or so in the Holy Land with Haytham as a guide.”

Some students said that every lecture of the course is a delightful feast! For others, it is an enriching experience: “Lectures and slide presentations are excellent, making the historical sites come alive. I highly recommend this class to everyone!”

We are so happy with the outcomes of both courses, Discover Bethlehem and Discover Jerusalem. And we are looking forward to more online courses to provide for our international friends and family, but most of all we are looking forward to seeing our country filled with visitors from all over the world again!