Becoming a walking encyclopedia of the Holy Land!

By Fadi E. Ghattas, a Tour Guide Student.

During my two years in the Tour Guiding Diploma Program at Bethlehem Bible College, I received a professional education, training, and practical preparation to become a walking encyclopedia of the Holy Land, and I gained deep knowledge in history, archeology, religions, and society.

These two years gave us a great opportunity to understand the archaeological and historical sites in our country. We received a depth of knowledge about the history of our Palestinian cause. Moreover, we had the chance to obtain a deep theological understanding of our Christian religion and discover many details of Islam and Judaism.

I am grateful to have been taught by such admirable professors, who were very enthusiastic in giving their courses in a very professional way. Also, I would like to express my warm appreciation for our dear Professor Haytham Dieck, Head of the Tour Guiding Diploma Program, for his patience throughout these two years. He gave us enough positive energy to achieve our goals despite the circumstances of Covid-19 and the challenges of studying online for several months. It meant the world to my colleagues and me.

During these two years, I also met great students and colleagues who all worked and learned a lot to be very professional tour guides, and we became one family. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get to study closely with all of them in the past two years. My friends should all be happy and proud of what they have achieved in their studies. Being a tour guide will allow them to visit, study, and experience new destinations and to first-time guide travelers around new destinations. Moreover, as tour guides, they will have friends from all over the world that will remember their words and stories forever.

Finally, I highly encourage anyone reading this to be part of the Tour Guiding Diploma Program because it is the chance of a lifetime. As our College President, Rev. Dr. Jack Sara says, being a member of Bethlehem Bible College will enable you to get “the best quality education and training through deep and powerful transformation to serve and encourage others.”