Amin’s Testimony of Faith – a Student in the Biblical Studies Online Diploma Program

When someone calls you saying, “Come to me and I will give you rest,” it would be difficult for a person who spent 45 years homeless and lost in a desert full of questions that need answers, to trust that person, because I trusted many and the result was a disappointment.

My name is Amin, I am now 50 years old, and I have known Christ and believed in Him as my personal savior for five years after I experienced the true love through people who love Christ  who were like a compass that guided my way.

I became homeless during childhood and did not know the tenderness of a mother and the meaning of having a father. I was raised in my grandfather and grandmother’s house and they were wonderful to me, but they died when I was young. I was one of the best students in school, but with their loss, I lost safety. I decided to take my questions with me and leave Syria in search of an alternative that could keep me occupied, or a safe place to find myself.

I wandered around the world on a journey that took me from the middle of the world to the east and to the west, looking for someone to comfort me or answer my questions. I did not find any answers until I arrived through a very arduous journey from Malaysia to Germany, in which the light of Christ was shining to me little by little through people who loved Him. When I arrived into Germany, I heard Him calling me clearly through one of His lovers saying, “Christ says to you and to all the weary: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Therefore, I said, “Tell me about Him, because I really need someone to comfort me.” It was when I attended my first meeting in a church that I heard how God created us in His image and likeness as if God was confirming the message to me, and that is when I decided to follow Him.

After my baptism, I participated in a conference in which Dr. Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College, and some wonderful ministers preached. Their preaching from the Bible inflamed my heart as God answered a number of my old and new questions.

I decided to start studying the Bible. I studied one book after another while looking for interpretations of the verses and for more depth in biblical knowledge. The more I went in depth, the more I felt the need for more, so I would pray and ask God to give me more, and He never skimped on me at all, so I accumulated a lot of information. That is when I heard from a friend about Bethlehem Bible College.

I believe that the College communicates the biblical truth to me in a thoughtful and coherent manner and answers many questions. The curriculum is very cohesive and consistent, the teaching method is wonderful, and the teachers are brilliant and helpful to the point that I feel like they are my family. Whenever I ask for them, I find them. I encourage anyone who loves to learn and live the biblical truth to enroll in Bethlehem Bible College.