From a Small Town Comes a Great Ministry: Meet Baseel and Ghaida!

Baseel and Ghaida Daibes are two of our graduates – Baseel graduated in 2016 and Ghaida in 2017, both from the Biblical Studies program. They met at the College, fell in love, and got married in 2015. They now have a beautiful boy named Iyad, and they live in a small town north of Palestine called Zababdeh.

“The College had a huge effect on our lives; we learned incredible things about the Bible, and we grew in our faith. But mostly we loved the atmosphere and the relationships between the students, faculty, and staff! The teachers didn’t treat us as students but as friends and family members.

 “Together, we established a ministry for children and youth in 2018 called the ‘Champions Club.’ The goal is to impart the teachings of the Bible for children in a fun and exciting way. We help enable young people and adolescents to live the Christian life amid the difficult challenges of the world with the help of the Bible.

“As ministry leaders, what we learned at the College impacts our ministry in several ways. First, we apply what we learned about preparing lessons, preparing for the service, organizing our time, and our methods of dealing with children and youth. Secondly, from a spiritual point of view, we learned how to be led by the Holy Spirit. So, for example, before preparing each lesson, we take a period of prayer to hear what message the Lord wants us to give to the youth and children.

“The town we live in is small and is the only town in the north of the West Bank with a good number of Christians. So, we try to be a light that cast away all the darkness around us through love and respect to our neighbors, as Jesus and the College taught us.

“Our message is so simple: ‘From a Small Town Comes a Great Ministry!’ Please keep us in your prayers!”