Meet Rasha, Our Gift Shop Assistant

Meet Rasha, Our Gift Shop Assistant

Meet Rasha, Our Gift Shop Assistant

Rasha Abu-Rumman is the beautiful, green-eyed assistant at the College. She’s been working at our Gift Shop for three years. She remembers that time with a smile on her face:

“When I first applied for the job, I was so happy that Bethlehem Bible College is a Christian institute; it gave me a feeling of content and peace. And I was right, because now, after three years of working as the Gift Shop Assistant, what I love the most about the College is that God always comes first, and then everything else.

“The College changed who I am, I didn’t used to be a person who prayed a lot, so when I first came here, it was different for me and amazingly changed me. Hearing the word of God every day and worshiping Him gave my life a different meaning.

“The Gift Shop Manager and I share a devotion every morning before starting our work, and this time is so special to me. She is a pastor, so she shares with me the word of God, and I always ask questions. When she answers me it gives me a more profound knowledge of the Bible. Now I play many worship songs that I love and hear with my husband at our house, and we have a little bundle of joy that worships with us inside of my tummy!”

Rasha sees the Gift Shop as essential to the College because it is a big source of income:

“Even during the Coronavirus pandemic, we still received income through our online shop. The Gift Shop’s income also helps with the students’ scholarships and in the staff’s salaries.”

She adds: “The Gift Shop is also playing a significant role, in my opinion, in keeping Christians in Bethlehem by helping vendors to work. For example, most of our vendors are Christians with small shops, and by selling their products, we help them provide for their families and stay in their land.”

Rasha is expecting a baby boy next year. With her hands on her little tummy, she prays for wisdom on how to bring up this baby in a conflicted homeland, and to show him the way and teach him about the Lord because this is all she wants for her baby:

“By knowing and being close to the Lord, my baby will be forever safe, and that’s all I want for him.”