“I Want to Help Them Find Jesus”: Meet Adham Al Araj – One of our Graduates!

“I Want to Help Them Find Jesus”: Meet Adham Al Araj – One of our Graduates!

“I Want to Help Them Find Jesus”:

Meet Adham Al Araj – One of our Graduates!

It is such a privilege and joy for us to see our graduates reaching milestones in developing themselves and serving their communities.

Adham Al Araj is one of our Biblical Studies program graduates. He is now in the US, continuing his MDiv degree at North Park University, Chicago.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Adham’s visa and traveling process took a long time and were delayed many times. Adham said: “Being a Palestinian means that there is nothing easy for you; imagine that, with a global pandemic! Therefore, the visa process took a long time and a lot of work. However, the hand of God was with me in every step, and here I am now at the university achieving my dreams.”

With traveling and living abroad comes a lot of challenges. Adham’s main challenge were living for almost five years away from his family. He reflected on it saying: “I asked myself, can I live away from my parents for such a long time? Will I be able to adapt to a different culture? Will I make new friends? Will there be enough financial support for me to study and live in the states for five years? And most of all, I was worried about all the Coronavirus problems and fears! How is life going to be for me? How will college life be different with the pandemic?”

Adham is now an ambassador of the college at North Park University, which already has a partnership with Bethlehem Bible College. He says that it is an honor for him to hold the college’s message and talk about its mission wherever he goes.

About the college’s impact on his life, Adham said that he learned God’s word and how to bring the Bible to the world through the college. In addition, it helped him to be an influencing leader through all the conferences and workshops it provided for the students.

The college also sent him to Dubai for a whole year to take the Pastoral Internship Program at the United Christian Church in Dubai (UCCD). This program equips aspiring pastors and leaders with education, training and ministry opportunities.

Adham added: “It is for the college I am where I am today in my ministry and studies. I thank God for the college and its leader, Pastor Jack Sara, for taking care of me spiritually and academically and helping me enter North Park University.”  

His dream is to serve the Lord on His land. After he finishes his degree, he will return to Palestine to continue his ministry and serve his community: “For me serving the Lord in the Holy Land is an honor and a big blessing. Christians are leaving the country searching for a better future and hope! But I want to go back and help those people find this hope and the joy it brings. I want to help them find Jesus.”