Ministering for the Lord in a War Zone: Meet Eleanor Khoury, Our Student from Gaza!

Ministering for the Lord in a War Zone: Meet Eleanor Khoury, Our Student from Gaza!

Ministering for the Lord in a War Zone:

Meet Eleanor Khoury, Our Student from Gaza!

My name is Eleanor Khoury. I am an MA student in the Christian Leadership & Ministry Program at Bethlehem Bible College in the Gaza branch. My testimony is different from anyone else because I minister for the Lord in a war zone. Here in Gaza, life is unpredictable. Living, studying, and ministry have a vague future. It has been a tough two years without a doubt, on one hand due to the pandemic and on the other, the brutal war that we experienced again in Gaza.

Months after the rocket fire and bombing stopped, I can finally say that life in Gaza is getting back to normal, but it is not the same anymore, because the smell of war and the scenes of it are still all around us. Our conversations now revolve only around the harsh nights and days of the war we lived. But we always remember the grace of God, who protected us during that time.

One of the main things I’m thankful for is Bethlehem Bible College. It is indeed a light in the dark. The College has affected my life in several ways. The courses I’m taking are helping me grow spiritually by teaching me the word of God and how to dig deep into it through exegesis. Other courses help me deal with people psychologically and help them – both in my family and my workplace. Studying at the College helps me with my ministry as well. I lead the Sunday School at the Greek Orthodox Church. Through all the courses I have taken, I learned how to deal better with the children and how to know the love and learning language of each child. My knowledge of the Bible is enriched, so I know how and what to speak with the kids about. I also learned how to help the children build healthier personalities and stronger faith.

Here in Gaza we face many challenges, especially Christians, who number less than 1,000. First, we face the obstacles of all Gazans, such as lack of electricity and movement restrictions. Second, we face the challenges of a minority. Some people don’t even know there are Christians in Gaza, so they treat us as if we are from another place. For example, my children are in a private school because if I put them in a public one, they would face many challenges that include bullying simply because of their faith. Another challenge that the youth in Gaza face is the lack of job opportunities, especially for Christians. So we have a high rate of unemployment.

Yet despite all these challenges, we won’t leave Gaza. We continue to live and to witness for our Lord because “This is Our Call.”