Life is Back at the College, and We are Waiting for You, Too!

After two years of closure and restrictions, we finally have our dear friends back at our campus! We are so delighted to announce that groups, volunteers, and international friends are back at our college. Since the year started, we’ve had around 23 groups from different places around the world come to learn more about the College and meet with and support Christian Palestinians.

We are happy to announce that our new Guesthouse will be completely ready by the end of September to accept all of our visitors who wish to stay in Bethlehem. However, we still have visitors staying in the old rooms, so you are welcome anytime to stay at our Guesthouse and experience life in Bethlehem.

We also are thrilled to have our volunteers back, helping us in different departments and getting the chance to experience the culture, food, and places in Palestine. Beejai Riçardson is an American teacher who came to teach English courses for kids from the community:

“Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and this region is a beautiful land steeped in the rich history of the Bible. Yet, it is also a contemporary place filled with great people and complex issues that need our concern and prayer. Serving at Bethlehem Bible College has allowed me to experience both. Through working at the summer program and teaching English, I have met many local Palestinians as well as the wonderful staff here. They have also been very helpful in sharing their insights on what I should see to help my knowledge and understanding of the Bible, its history and geography come alive in rich new ways. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Bethlehem Bible College and the memories built here I will cherish for a lifetime.”

Lou from Germany heard about the college from Rev. Dr. Youhanna Katancho, who spoke at her church in Germany and mentioned the College, and so she came to volunteer with us:

“After I heard about the College, I loved its mission and looked it up online, and here I am. I’ll be here until the beginning of August, helping with fundraising opportunities for the Shepherd Society, the helping arm of the College.

“I like it here; people are friendly and ready to answer any question. I love the food I have tasted so far, and I believe there is a lot of good food that I still have to try. The culture is beautiful; I’ve noticed that it focuses on family, which I see as very special. I encourage you to come even for a short time, visit the College, stay at the Guesthouse, meet the people, and experience the lively everyday life. You will love it!”

We are grateful for such people who are willing to leave their countries and jobs and come to serve our community with open hearts and minds. Join their steps, come to Bethlehem, stay at our Guesthouse, volunteer with us, take in a lecture with one of our faculty, and hear our stories!

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