Carrying Their Story to People’s Hearts: Meet Nada, One of our Newest Tour Guides!

Carrying Their Story to People’s Hearts: Meet Nada, One of our Newest Tour Guides!

Carrying Their Story to People’s Hearts: Meet Nada, One of our Newest Tour Guides!

My name is Nada Khair Loussi from Bethlehem. I joined Bethlehem Bible College to study in the Tour Guide Program in 2021, and I’m graduating this summer. I chose this college because it has an outstanding reputation among all the universities and colleges in the Bethlehem area.

This journey I took through two years of studying was not easy, especially as a mom of four children with all the responsibilities that come with that. I found that success has a huge price, but I thank God for my family, who supported me, stood by my side, and gave significant concessions to allow me to finish my studies.

God pushed me forward and guided me whenever I felt down or tired. Also, I’m thankful for Mr. Haytham Dieck, the program’s coordinator, who never let anyone of us down; he kept encouraging us to continue and finish this journey.

Bethlehem Bible College was like a second home for us, with a very healthy and comforting atmosphere. They provided us with all we needed and more from high-quality programs and courses, which I couldn’t get from any other sources. In addition, the faculty team at the college is very professional and up-to-date. For example, Mr. Haytham provided us with every new discovery related to tourism and archeology.

I encourage students to enroll in this unique college in one of its very special programs.

We took courses in history, geography, archeology, politics, and much more, all challenging us to be exceptional tour guides. The educational benefit was above expectations; it made us more appreciative for belonging to our country Palestine. The personal benefit was also great; we took theatre classes and courses that helped us develop our personalities and public speaking skills. We took field trips all over the West Bank and Jerusalem tourist sites. They gave us all the practical experience that we needed. We also received programs that enhanced our political and national understanding. The college refined in us the skills of an excellent and ideal tour guide.

Through my two years of study at the college, I became the Tour Guide I always dreamt of becoming – a tour guide that reflects my history and gives the true story of my country. Especially while living in a conflicted area with many different and inaccurate narratives, we were taught to provide the true one. As tour guides, we have to be the living stones that reflect our culture and history in an exciting way that reaches people’s minds and hearts and stays there.

My message today to everyone is not to let age be an obstacle to finding yourself and continuing your studies. Instead, follow your dreams and goals until the end of your life.