Meet our Graduates Johnny and Shoaa Bassous- Leaders of the Future

We have been sharing with you the story of two of our graduates from the MA Program in Christian Leadership & Ministry (now renamed Theology in the Public Square). Johnny and Shoaa Bassous work in the educational field and testify that the instruction they received at Bethlehem Bible College enabled them to grow personally, and extend the reach of their faith into the arenas where they work, for the good of current students and future generations. We ask them now about their studies, their instructors, and their experience at the college.

“Our years of study at the college were a dream that was fulfilled. We longed for a study that would draw us closer to the word of God and His will for our lives. Even though we knew that serving the Lord should be a way of life and not a study, the MA Program was the means to achieving that. The courses dealt with essential topics in building Christian leaders, both on a personal level and helping us meet the challenges of ministry. On an academic level we learned the principles of biblical interpretation and how to deal with texts with their historical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. On an ecclesiastical level we deepened and broadened our understanding of worship and rituals, and how to help others with their spiritual, social, financial, or psychological affairs through counseling and guidance. In addition, we got acquainted with other religions, their origin and beliefs, which helped us know how to communicate with those from other religious backgrounds. Also helpful were the identity and reconciliation courses and their role in defining oneself and communicating with the other.

“All of this came through a teaching staff with extensive educational and practical experience, which contributed to providing us with a practical dimension not only a theoretical understanding of the subjects. The atmosphere of the college and the background of the teachers contributed to embracing and assimilating the different sectarian backgrounds of the students, which enabled us to benefit from these differences.

“The program has an unparalleled uniqueness in that the courses were designed specifically for Palestinian society and our need for Christian leaders who possess the necessary attributes to serve within its social, ecclesiastical, political, and other contexts, their variables and challenges. Hence, the leader graduates feeling familiar with his/her society and how to confront it, especially since the teachers also serve in this context, not just as academics, which makes them a link in bridging the gap between the educational subject and reality.

“For the future, we don’t currently have plans. We are still constantly praying for the Lord to guide us in the path of His will and plan for our lives.”

We are grateful for each of you who participates in bringing this exceptional training to fruition through your giving, your prayers, and your encouragement. You honor us, and we  thank you for your support!