Rev. Dr. Jack Sara’s Visit to Hong Kong

Rev. Dr. Jack Sara’s Visit to Hong Kong

During the Holy Week, I had the privilege of embarking on my first official visit as the President of Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) to Hong Kong and Macau, to share the works of BBC and Christians in the Holy Land. The experience was truly uplifting as I connected with two thousand brothers and sisters in these vibrant Christian communities.

My busy schedule commenced shortly after my arrival in the afternoon. Within just a few hours, I found myself speaking at Tsimshatsui Swatow Christian Church alongside the lovely couple, Pastor Abraham Yeung and Dorothy, who graciously acted as my respondent and interpreter. It’s remarkable how time has flown since their days of service at BBC when I was still a student there.

The following day, I stood before hundreds of congregants at the Evangelical Free Church of China (EFCC) Kong Fok Church, delivering a sermon titled The Church That Becomes the True Light. During the service, the hymnal team beautifully sang the Lord’s Prayer in Mandarin, set to our Arabic melody. The harmonious blend of languages and cultures was truly inspiring.

Afterward, I shared a meal with Rev. Chow Hiu Fai, the pastor-in-charge, and Rev. Kenneth Chong, the head of the mission department from the North Point Alliance Church (NPAC). Rev. Benard Wong, president of the Chinese Graduate School of Theology (CGST), also joined us.

NPAC, one of the largest Alliance churches in Hong Kong, has been a steadfast supporter of BBC. Meeting them in person was a joyous occasion, the hall was filled with brothers and sisters deeply committed to the church, missions, and were eager to understand the challenges faced by Christians in the Holy Land and pray for them.

As I digress from my itinerary, I want to emphasize that the church has always been a presence in the Holy Land. Many people, including fellow Christians, may not be aware that our ancestors have lived here for two thousand years. It’s a rich and enduring legacy that continues to shape our faith and witness.

In the midst of our challenges, our Christian community faces a critical situation. Our numbers are dwindling due to various reasons, particularly the departure of many young Christians. Instability and a lack of prospects caused by prolonged conflict and wars have characterized our land for over a century. Urgent action and support are necessary to ensure that God’s people—believers and followers of Christ—remain steadfast in the very land that gave birth to God’s Church.

At NPAC, I had the privilege of connecting with Gideon Yung, who worked at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Gideon also serves on the international board of the Christ at the Checkpoint conference, which is scheduled to run from 21st to 26th May. I eagerly anticipate our upcoming meeting and hope to see you there.

In the evening, I was graciously invited to dine with the pastor team from Kong Fok Church. Rev. Peter Lam expressed deep concern for the Holy Land and its challenges.

On Monday, I visited CGST and the Bethel Seminary, where I engaged with the teachers and students. At CGST, I reconnected with Bernard and enjoyed meaningful fellowship with the teaching staff. Later, at Bethel, I had the pleasure of meeting Otto Lui, who not only serves at Christian Communications Limited (CCL) but also leads tours to the Holy Land which include visits to BBC.

That same night, I received a warm welcome at Island ECC from Rev. Albert Ng and the congregation. Their hospitality touched my heart.

Tuesday noontime brought a lunch gathering with leaders from Bethel and CCL. Bethel president Rev. Wak Wai Ho and Otto joined me in fellowship. In the evening, I had the privilege of sharing at Saddleback Church, where I met Dr. Au Yiu-Kai, who had recently served in Gaza. It’s heartening to witness such compassion from people afar.

The following morning, I participated in an interview with Grace Moment, the transcript has been published in the Christian Times. I encourage you to read it.

Then, Gideon accompanied me to Macau, where I had another interview with TDM. I also had the honor of sharing at Macau Evangelical Church. The meeting was truly beautiful, and the Yeung couple once again assisted as my respondent and interpreter.

On the final day of my trip, I had the privilege of sharing breakfast with Rev. Kiven Choi, the president of the Alliance Bible Seminary. During our conversation, I extended an invitation to him, urging for a partnership to advance the Kingdom of God.

Following that, I visited the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, I was warmly welcomed by Dr. Simon Kwan and engaged with a group of attentive students. Their thought-provoking questions enriched our discussion.

I’m thankful to God for the opportunities to shed light on the Church in the Holy Land and the vital work of BBC. As one of the very few seminaries in the Middle East and the sole evangelical and Protestant seminary in the Palestinian territories, BBC plays a crucial role.

During the trip I’ve collected donations for the college, which is seriously needed right now as many of you now aware due to the on-going war in Gaza. Aside from that, I hope you’ll consider to join us as a regular supporter for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Please visit me and the college when you come to the Holy Land. I assure you that the same warm hospitality I received during my trip awaits you.

Please pray for BBC, for the brothers and sisters, for both Palestinians and Israelis, for an end to the hostilities, and justice and peace for all.

I look forward to visiting Hong Kong and Macau again, and possibly other nearby countries, please send me an invitation and I’ll be on my way.