John Matar, 2nd Year Biblical Studies Student

“My goal is to be a pastor. This year, I feel that God has confirmed this calling.”

My father Maurice, who came to Christ 37 years ago, and my mother Silvana, were a living testimony of Jesus Christ as I grew up.  Despite our struggles to keep up with water and electricity bills and other daily necessities, they maintained their daily relationship with the Lord and always trust in Him.

Growing up in a Christian family didn’t mean that I was committed.  It was until I attended a Youth Conference, that I felt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon me and I committed my life completely to the Lord Jesus.  Since this first day, I felt God calling me to His Service.  I came to Bethlehem Bible College to see how god wants to shape my life and future for His plans and His service.

This year, I will complete my 2nd Year in the BA in Biblical Studies program this year.  My favorite courses, this year have been comparative religion and sermon writing. I loved learning about other religions, because now I will be able to speak to people from these religions about Christ. Now that I know how to interpret Biblical passages and write a sermon, I will be able to reach out to many different people.

In March I was privileged to be one of nine students and staff who went on a mission outreach trip with Syrian refugees in Jordan in March.  On our service trip in Jordan, I learned a lot from the leaders that were with us. I learned how I can lead others and also how to deal with people from different backgrounds.  I used to think it was wrong to help Muslims.  After going to Jordan, where we served primarily with Muslims, I saw what they are going through as refugees and how the message of salvation was drawing them closer to God. It changed my perspective. I realized they need more people like me. God want them to be closer to him.

My goal is to be a pastor. This year, I feel that God has confirmed this calling.  I can’t wait for my 3rd year at the Bible College, coming closer to God and seeing the doors God is waiting to open for me.