One of our newest students, Eva Yousef, is a beautiful and accomplished young woman from Haifa.  Already she has a BA in Civil Engineering.  When asked how she decided to come to Bethlehem Bible College, she shared that she had studied some courses at GBC (Galilee Bible College) in Nazareth.  She added, “I came to Bethlehem Bible College in order to know more about God and be in fellowship with other local believers.”  She was also encouraged by one of our faculty, Mrs. Madleine Sara, to come to BBC.  Eva was brought up in a traditional church background, but as a young adult started attending a local evangelical church.  She now has a passion to do ministry outreach among the poor, in particular to orphans.  She plans to work with the House of Hope, a local ministry for helping the blind, physically challenged and poor.  In her free time and to earn a living, she works at arranging flowers and soon will be teaching a community course in Hebrew.  Please pray for Eva and all the other students that God will answer the cries of their hearts for a closer walk with Him.