What do we know and how do we know it? Do we place God in a box or are we constantly seeking to see Him in new ways? Today in chapel Rev. Dr. Chris Ellis challenged his audience to grow in their knowledge of God.

Going from Paul’s prayer in Ephesians, Rev. Chris spoke about going higher, deeper, and wider in our knowledge of God.  Higher in knowing God’s character and power, wider in knowing the expanse of God’s world, and deeper in knowing God’s love. Rev. Chris taught that growing in this knowledge takes moving away from comfortable places—physically, mentally, or emotionally—so that we depend on God to sustain our prayer and faith.

Rev. Chris shared a personal story from when he was diagnosed with cancer. During that time he became aware of his value to God not because he was influential or useful, but because he was a child of God.  This revelation challenged Rev. Chris’s view of God. “We must recognize that we need the love of God,” shared Rev. Chris.

This message confronted the human tendency to put God in a box and challenged the audience to learn know God in new ways. Going deeper in God’s love and character is something that can always be pursued no matter where you are in life.

Rev. Dr. Chris Ellis is a pastor at West Bridgford Baptist Church in the United Kingdom. Rev. Ellis has written a number of books as wells as publishing prayers, hymns, and notes for reading the bible. Rev. Ellis has also previously served as the Principal of Bristol Baptist Bible College. Rev. Ellis is currently serving as the 2014-15 President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.