Media Program Students Present Graduation Projects at Bethlehem Bible College

Last week, the Media Department at Bethlehem Bible College presented the graduation projects of its eighth graduating class in the presence of the faculty, administration, and the students’ parents.

The Vice Academic Dean and the Student Affairs Coordinator, Mr. Gabriel Yaqoub Hanna, welcomed the distinguished guests, presenting the students and their projects, which included short films and television programs that portrayed different social issues.

Bilar presented a short film entitled “Aisel,” which is the name of her young daughter. Through her film, Bilar delivered the message that early marriage is not a healthy condition, but if this happened, it is not the end of the road. The film presented the story of the student herself, how she managed to challenge her age, to be a mother, a housewife, and a student all at the same time. In her film, Bilar encouraged every girl who had to marry at an early age not to despair, because this is not the end of the road, but that she could achieve her dreams, and be successful in all areas of her life. “Gaza is Beautiful, But..” was the title of the film by Jawdat, a student from Gaza. In his film, Jawdat raised the social, economic and political suffering of the people of Gaza City, and how their suffering on a daily basis has made them look for all possible ways to emigrate and leave their homeland. In her film “A Success Story,” Laila broke the stereotype of weak women and presented a model of a strong woman whom she embodied through Linda Jarayseh, a woman whose husband was martyred, but she did not give up on herself. She worked hard, studied and received high degrees and now occupies a prestigious position in the community.

“I Didn’t See Him,” was the story of a 15-year-old martyr known as the martyr of the container. On the day he was martyred, his mother did not see him when he left the house. When they asked her what he was wearing, in order to identify his body, she said, “I didn’t see him.” Our student, Khitam, showed the human aspect of the martyr’s life, the extent of his family’s attachment to him, especially his mother, and how death kidnapped him from their midst overnight and without warning.

In her film “Arabiya,”  Shireen discussed the subject of child labor, highlighting the suffering of children in the Palestinian society. She highlighted the life of a young child on the street as he began working at the age of seven by taking responsibility for his mother and sisters. In her film, Shireen also referred to the legal aspect of child labor in Palestine.

The brothers Elias and Khader Handal produced a talk show on quality standards at the Children’s Hospitals in Bethlehem. The show included a photographic report on the hospitals, its sections and standards. Through their small screen, the media department students were able to convey a wide range of different messages, depending on the issue. We at Bethlehem Bible College are very proud of their work and creativity, and we wish them progress and success.