BethBC Graduate Participates in Internship with United Christian Church of Dubai

Adham Araj, one of our Biblical Studies graduates, will be participating in the Pastoral Internship Program at the United Christian Church of Dubai this September. 

The Pastoral Internship Program of the United Christian Church of Dubai (UCCD) aims to equip aspiring pastors, evangelists and church leaders from the Middle East and North Africa with education, training and ministry opportunities.

The internship is for nine months, during which, the church will unveil regular, day-to-day pastoral life, and provide the interns with a biblical, ecclesiological grid for doing the work of ministry. They give the interns the opportunity to observe pastoral ministry, study sound doctrine and engage in the life of the church.  

UCCD’s interns will be immersed in the life of the church, attending staff meetings, elders’ meetings, all public services of the church, as well as weekly service reviews. In addition to observing church life, UCCD interns will spend much of their time engaging in conversation with pastors and church leaders, reading and interacting with subjects like systematic and biblical theology, pastoral leadership, counseling and spiritual formation.

When asked about participating in this internship, Adham said, “It would be an honor for me to participate in the Pastoral Internship Program of the United Christian Church of Dubai this September, where I am going to observe experienced pastors, learn how to develop sermon outlines, practice preaching, engage with the community of the church and attend educational events that will all help shape me as an aspiring pastor.” 

And he added, “My community is currently suffering from high rates of Christian emigration from the Holy Land, where we are already, and unfortunately, a minority in a land of such Christian importance. This is due to the lack of job opportunities and the difficulties the occupation imposes on us as Palestinians. Through my preaching, I have been focusing on this topic to inspire the people to be still and trust in God regardless of all the political and financial obstacles. I believe by going to this internship and acquiring the knowledge it has to offer, I will be able to have more impact on other Palestinian Christians to keep the Christian presence in the land where our Lord and Savior was born and raised.” 

Keep Adham in your prayers as he is fulfilling God’s calling on his life through this internship. And pray for us as Bethlehem Bible College. May we raise more spiritual leaders like Adham, who are willing to serve the kingdom of God and their communities.