Bringing Bethlehem to Every Home Around the World!

Bringing Bethlehem to Every Home Around the World!

Bringing Bethlehem to Every Home Around the World!

Some old and new photos of Bethlehem

Bethlehem used to be filled with tourists from all over the world. We used to see different ethnicities walking the streets. This summer, the city was sad, colorless, and silent!

That’s why we, at Bethlehem Bible College, decided to bring Bethlehem to every home through the new series of courses that we will be providing. The first one has already started, under the name of: “Discover Bethlehem From Your Place.” The courses are being given by Mr. Haytham Dieck, the Tour Guide Program Coordinator at the College.

Mr. Haytham commented about ‘Discover Bethlehem’: “The course comes at a challenging time, especially with the coronavirus, and its main purpose is to allow people to discover all the sites in the city, using the online technology we have, despite tourism being stopped in Bethlehem. It is the first time we have offered such an online course, which is an interesting experience.”

He added: “The goal of the course is to enrich people’s minds about the world of Christ by discovering the Holy Land, starting from Bethlehem, its sights, stories, and how they’re related to Christ and Christianity. The course will also focus on how the local people in Bethlehem see and understand the story of Jesus today. And it will describe the kind of local tradition we have concerning the birth of Jesus and how much this is embedded in the Bethlehemite society.”

The content of the course is quite impressive; it focuses on the main sites related to Bethlehem. In nine classes, an hour and a half each, Mr. Haytham will focus on the Holy Family’s narrative and their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The place they slept in when they arrived, the houses, the society, and how much these things affected the story of Jesus.

Participants will learn more about the mysterious figures who visited the baby, like the Shepherds and the Magi. Mr. Haytham said: “In the previous classes, we spoke about the Church of the Nativity, its historical, archeological, and authentic sources. In the upcoming classes, we will do a complete visit to the Church, and we will speak about the escape of the Holy Family, starting from the Milk Grotto up to Egypt.” The course will also speak about the sites not mentioned in the Gospels but recounted according to tradition and what it has to say about them.

A lot of participants are amazed by the information that is being given, especially in the local context. They are thrilled with the course and all the new information they are receiving and with the teacher. One of the students said: “Mr. Haytham is living what he is teaching, and that’s the best performance ever.”

Next up, the College will be providing another course on Jerusalem. Mr. Haytham encourages people to join the next course: “Bethlehem is the Alpha of Jesus. Jerusalem would be the Omega. It is a significant city, the cradle of Christianity. We will be speaking about it in historical, archeological, and traditional analysis. Starting from the Mount of Olives down the Via Dolorosa. It will be an exciting itinerary full of passion, love, history, and archeology. Don’t miss it!”


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