Priorities of a Wife and Mother

Ghadeer Hanna, One of Our Staff, Gives a Strong Message to

Moms on International Women’s Day!

My name is Ghadeer Hanna Khoury. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, and I carry all my roles with pride! I’m the mother of triplets, Youhanna, Itay, and Andrew; they are six years old and a true blessing from the Lord. I have been working as the registrar at Bethlehem Bible College since 2012. The College is a blessing, with all the genuine and honest friends I have made who build me up every day, and of course, the word of God we listen to every day at the College, which helps us grow in faith.

I’m studying now at Bethlehem University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Governance and Administration. The program is for two years and I’m halfway there now! Studying is challenging and I’m learning many helpful things; it is an opportunity to feel that I’m doing something only for myself.

Bethlehem Bible College stood by me through almost every major step in my life. When I first gave birth to my boys, they understood the difficulties of having triplets and the need to excuse myself suddenly from the office if one of them got sick or something. And now they are supporting me with my studies by allowing me to go to the university on Fridays.

If you ask me how I manage to be a full-time working mother, a student and a pastor’s wife all at once, I’ll tell you – priorities! Managing time is a skill. I can’t say that my life is perfect or that my house is always perfect. Still, my priority is to make memories with my kids by spending time with them and putting them first, not house chores or cooking, because kids will remember those beautiful memories more than they will remember that their house was clean all the time. Twenty-four hours, in my opinion, are enough to do a lot, although we always complain about lack of time. Meanwhile, we use social media for hours without really doing anything, but for more important things, we say that we don’t have time.

As a pastor’s wife, I see myself as a very ordinary woman. I act as myself – the same inside the church and outside. Everyone who comes to the church has a role, not only the pastor’s wife. I see myself as any church member, and if I see something that needs to be done, I do it. I don’t feel that I have to be in a specific position or role because I’m a pastor’s wife. I go to church most Sundays, but sometimes I can’t go, so I’m not there. I’m a normal person.

To all the beautiful moms, you don’t have to be perfect, and not every part of your life has to be accepted by people and society. Set your own standards, priorities, and boundaries. Teach your kids to love. The relationship between you and your kids will last, not the tasks you do for them or the house. Be courageous. You can do way more than you imagine!