Rhoda Daoud, a Teacher and Friend Who Has Been There from the Very Beginning!

October is World Teacher’s Day, and this month we recall and appreciate one of our veteran teachers, who was here when everything started at Bethlehem Bible College and is still here!

“My name is Rhoda Daoud, and I’m 73 years old. I went to the Nazarene Bible College in Switzerland for two years, then studied the Bible and minored in music at Oliver Nazarene University in the USA. In 1978 I married my late husband, Ghattas Daoud, and that is where my affiliation with Bethlehem Bible College began. Dr. Bishara Awad is our good friend; we were there from the start. We attended the first Bethlehem Bible College commencement 43 years ago.

“I have been teaching Hebrew at the College for the community for over ten years now. Before that, I taught music courses as well, and most of the employees at BethBC were previous students of mine when I was a teacher at Talitha Kumi school.

“Today, after I’m 73 years old and beginning a new phase in my life, I’m more focused on my health, family and ministry. I take care of my daughters, who have a mobility issue that demands a lot of assistance on my part, medical as well as physical. I attend the Lutheran Church in Bethlehem and am involved in any church activity when available or needed. We have a solid and active women’s group led by our pastor’s wife. Every morning, I go to the gym for two hours. After our aerobics class, we drink coffee and socialize for an hour before starting the workout. During our talks, I try to listen and be a role model to the ladies. If I disagree with them on a topic, I do not criticize or object. I would suggest that in our Christian teaching, Christ said so and so. My ministry is to be a tool of help or assistance whenever and wherever it may be needed. I recently joined the Rotary Club but am still not officially a member. I’m also a member of the Olive Branches Choir at Bethlehem University.

“My message today is that women are integral to our society. We are the working force behind the most prosperous society to be. We are mothers, grandmothers, and educators and are a significant part of improving and empowering our own lives and others’. Every woman is to play an influential role in her community or society whenever she gets a chance, using her abilities and talents, to learn more about what and where we can be of help regardless of the job or position.”