Women’s Stories, History, Ministry and the Huge Role they Played in the Bible!

We are continuing with our unique online courses for internationals. After discovering Bethlehem, Jerusalem, central highlands, this course is about women in the Bible! The course focuses on the significant role of women in the Bible by highlighting their stories, history, ministry and how this forms an essential lesson for our daily lives. The course took the participants on a journey from the Old Testament – learning about Eve, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, and Deborah – continuing through the women of the New Testament. In particular, Mr. Haytham Dieck, the Tour Guide Program Coordinator and the course teacher, was very happy with this course. He said it was delightful, mainly because the participants asked for it, so they enjoyed every part.

He said: “I chose women from the Old and New Testaments with specific themes of courage, hope, passion, honesty, etc., and I connected their stories with related biblical sites to understand their life stories within the local culture.” He added: “The course was a challenge for me. Women are not my specialty, my specialty is history and archeology, but I can say that I benefited from the course as much as the participants. If you focus and study women’s role in the Bible, you will be shocked by their influence.”

Mr. Haytham is very happy with these courses in general. He said a personal friendship was created with the participants: “Some of the participants started with me from the beginning, and until now, they took all the courses we offered. We became like a family; we pray and support each other. I encourage you to become part of this family and join our next course.”

Another course will be added this month on the Herods in the Holy Land. In that course, we will focus on the Herods’ roles in the Bible. People think there is only one Herod, but others play different roles in the Bible. It is very important to know the historical background of these Herods; it will help you understand the Bible more and connect with our lives today!

Read more about the course here!

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